On the death of Fr. Larry Rosebaugh

(Editor’s Note: Fr. Larry Rosebaugh, OMI was killed during a robbery eleven years ago this week. This copyrighted article appeared in NCR a few weeks later and with their kind permission, we are re-posting it here in remembrance of a remarkable Oblate Priest and missionary) This article originally appeared in National Catholic Reporter. Reprinted with permission May 26, 2009 by John Dear He was 74 years old, legendary in the peace movement for his anti-war actions, and for his decades of service to the poor of Latin America. And last week, in Guatamela, during a gangland-style robbery, Fr. Larry Rosebaugh was shot and killed.His death shocks us into recognizing once again the world’s unacceptable, rampant violence and rank poverty. But his life instructs us on how to serve Christ embodied in the poor and persecuted. Larry lived a most Christ-like life, which calls for gratitude and honor, as well as emulation. His life and death invites us beyond our liberal Catholicism, mainstream Christianity, and all-American normalcy to radical Gospel-based discipleship.News reports say that two masked men brandished weapons and stopped Larry’s car. Inside were four other priests, all Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, on their way to a regional meeting. The … Continue reading On the death of Fr. Larry Rosebaugh