Oblate Convocation 2020


We Come Together As Oblates

Every three years the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate gather in convocation. It is an opportunity to come together as a missionary religious family to spend time enjoying one another’s company, strengthening our community bonds, praying and being renewed.

We Come Together As A Family Around The Same Charism 

Since our last convocation in 2016, there have been significant developments in the missionary family founded by St Eugene de Mazenod. Following the lead given by recent Popes, the Church invites us to be aware that not only vowed religious share in the charism of their founders, but many other vocations and ways of life too.

Group photo of Oblates and Members of the Mazenodian Family at the 2016 Convocation

In the US province we have taken this invitation seriously and have responded with the initiative of the recognition of the existence of the Mazenodian Family, with its 8 branches springing from the same charism. Our convocation aims to reflect the reality that we are indeed a charismatic family founded by St Eugene de Mazenod, and hence the Mazenodian Family will participate in various ways.

From Monday April 13 (supper) to Wednesday April 15, it will be the convocation of the Missionary Oblate brothers and priests and the Honorary Oblates, as we focus on our specific missionary vocation. On Thursday 16 the convocation will be joined by members of all the branches of the Mazenodian Family meeting together. The convocation will end on Friday April 17 with Mass and breakfast.

Every Member Of The Mazenodian Family Is Invited To Participate In The Process Of Ongoing Renewal

The convocation is not just an event happening for a few days at which some people will be physically present – it is an invitation to us all to a journey of renewal over the coming months, whether we will be going to Belleville or not.

Oblates and Members of the Mazenodian Family Visit the Oblate Novitiate in Godfrey, Illinois in 2016

For this purpose, there will be material available on this website every month for our prayerful reflection as individuals and groups. We invite you to make use of it.