Vocations Photos


“Come and See”in Brownsville, TX , June 2019

June 2019 “Come and See” the men visit La Lomita Chapel near Mission, TX

Another nice group picture where Oblates have ministeerd for well over 100 years.

January 2019 “Come and See” Weekend in San Antonio

2019-20 Scholastic Community at San Antonio, Texas

Front row (L-R): Justinus Moloi, Democracy Mudenda, Lester Antonio Zapata Back row (L-R) Fani Zane Nong, Alejandro Alvarado, Solomon Naja, David P. Chisha (not pictured, Lázaro Ángel Leal)

2019-20 Pre-novices at the Oblate Pre-novitiate in Buffalo, NY

Posing with the Pre-novices is the Community Superior, Fr. Francisco Gomez (far left, red shirt), and Oblate formators, Fr. Greg Gallagher (Back row, right side, black shirt) and Fr. Juan Gaspar, (far right, front row)

2019-20 Pre-novices at the Oblate Pre-novitiate in Tijuana, Mexico

(L-R): Brother Peter Vasquez, Fr. Jesse Esqueda, Beto González, Aarón Cruz, Fr. Bill Antone, Víctor Izquierdo, José Hernández, Álvaro Zapata, Frs. Lucio Castillo, Marek Stroba and Webert Merilan

Nine New Novices at Oblates Novitiate in Godfrey, Illinois

Back row (L-R): Fr. Humphrey Milimo, OMI, Brandon Garcia, Mateusz Brzezinski, Prasad Marapogu, Musonda Chota, Mateusz Garstecki, Moses Khisa Front row (L-R) Bro. Pat McGee, OMI, Christopher Din, Chomba Kangwa, Henry Zayamoe, Fr. Frank Kuczera, OMI

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