International – Oblate Ministries ZAMBIA

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The Oblates from the Zambia Delegation are found at Sancta Maria in Lukulu, St. Michael in Kalabo, St. Lawrence in Limulunga and Oblate Radio Liseli as well as as Jack Joyce Community both in Mongu. In Lusaka, they are found at Mary Immaculate Parish, Centre house, Delegation Administration Office and at the De Mazenod Formation House. The OMI Zambia Delegation’s main apostolate is Missionary work, which is the reason they came to Zambia in the early 1980s, and celebrated their 25th anniversary in 1999. 

From left to right in this photo taken in the 1990’s

Standing: Frs. Godfrey Mpundu,OMI, Victor Mwansa,OMI, Rene Talabo,OMI, Br. Lawrence Like,OMI, Fr. Patrick Chiso, OMI, Fr. Kennedy Sampa, OMI, the late Bishop Paul Duffy,OMI, Fr. Paul Manasseh, OMI, Fr. Joseph Phiri, OMI, Fr. Cyril Keba, OMI, Fr. Singini Nachidze, OMI, Fr. Ronald Walker, OMI, Fr. (now Bishop) Evans Chinyemba OMI, and Fr. Phil Estrella, OMI,  from the Philippines.

Kneeling: Br. Linos Mungwa, OMI, Fr. Celestino Chishimba, OMI, Br. Humphrey Milimo, OMI, Fr. Valentine Kalumba, OMI, Fr. Vincent Sakala, OMI, and Br. Nicholas, OMI. Not pictured: Delegation Superior, Fr. Freeborn Kibombwe, OMI

The Oblates took over the Nutrition Centre from the Holy Cross sisters and it was later incorporated into Diocese of Mongu Development Centre. Also community outreach programs such as self-sustenance programmes for local people are carried out in all Oblate missions.

· The Oblate Centre house in Lusaka was used as a distribution centre, guest house as well as home base for the Oblates in Zambia. Today, it is the home of the Delegation Superior as the Administration Office has moved to 11 Ngumbo Road .

· The Oblates have a Formation House where a Pre-Novitiate programme is run. This Pre-Novitiate located on 9 Ngumbo Road . Besides the formal lessons, the pre-novices also go through Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where the students help out with patients in wards.

· The Oblates are also into Mass Media in order to reach as many people as possible in their quest to evangelise and serve Western Province using Oblate Radio Liseli.

· The Oblates work in areas where life is difficult and most of the people are extremely poor, therefore, they run an Educational Support project where they sponsor pupils / students who do not have the means to complete their education. In Lukulu, there is a dormitory that has been constructed for the girl pupils. This is because most of these girls come from the remotest parts of the district to attend school at the only secondary (day school) in the district and they rent out rooms. The result usually is the girls going back home because they have fallen pregnant.

· A number of programmes have been put in Place for the Youths who have been given a chance to take up leadership roles in the church in all Oblate parishes in Zambia.

· Besides Missionary work, some Oblates like the late Fr. Jack Joyce, OMI, went round the country preaching retreats for different congregations. Other oblates worked with refugees while others were involved in educational activities.

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